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Being an international brokerage firm located in the financial hub of Hong Kong HKD Group has great access to a bespoke group of international advisory firms, that are able to show our clients many long and short term investment strategies. Our Equity capital team show each of our clients a large array of equity capital raising services. By working with a HKD Group broker you will be able to design and implement a strategy that is designed specifically for you. HKD Group has decades of experience across a plethora of equity capital raising strategies, that have generated results that our clients are proud of. When looking to expand your portfolio there are many methods we can use, equity capital raising is a unique way to enhance your portfolio, some of the strategies we implement include;

- Offerings “At-the-Market”
- Initial public offerings (IPO’s)
- Security offerings
- Secondary offerings
- Private investment placements
- Structured financial investment solutions

Market Summary