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At the heart of our financial advice is our commitment to our clients to create and develop long term relationships with each of them. Our portfolio management team are highly motivated and experienced professionals that work closely with you to get to know your personal situation and preferences. The reason we do this is so that we are able to offer you as an individual, specific tailor made portfolios with financial advice that suits your risk tolerance and financial needs. Combining the personal touch of our portfolio managers with research and analysis from our research team we are able to offer our clients more choice when it comes to their portfolio. When it comes to your portfolio every opportunity we offer you is chosen with you in mind, this shows how committed we are to bringing you the most relevant investments for you. We are dedicated to bringing you consistent growth to your portfolio with a level of service that is un-matchable in today's financial world.

Portfolio Management

HKD Group's portfolio management division are dedicated to offer a full service with each client, our focus is bringing you investment advice and opportunities that minimize risk and generate returns that you can rely on. The first point of contact for our managers, is always to get to know you and create a solid foundation for your portfolio to be built on. Once your broker understands more about your financial situation and investment goals they are able to offer you more specific investment opportunities. We are always continuing to get to know you as our relationship progresses, that way as your needs change your investment portfolio can adapt to you. Your HKD Group broker will bring you the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of stocks, ETF's, mutual funds, and more, this will enable your portfolio to have a broad spectrum of investments, while balancing exposure and risk.

HKD Group understands that when it comes to investing, there is not a single use strategy that can be implemented into each investors portfolio, the strategy that we use for you, will be both unique and designed around your personal, and professional preferences. There are a number of factors that are taken in to account when creating a portfolio for you, one of the most important factors is of course your tolerance to risk. Depending on how tolerant you are to risk, will determine what method of investing our brokers will offer you, whether you would prefer low risk investments that pay dividends or high risk short term holdings, your broker will work with you to decide the best course of action.

Being an international brokerage with a network of financial institutions who we work closely with, we have the ability to show our clients a wide array of investment paths that can enhance their portfolio's, including IPO's commodities, fixed income trading, derivative trading, stocks, bonds and more. Having such a broad range of investment choices, we are always able to find an investment that suits every investor.

Market Summary