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HKD Group

Manage Your Invesments Easily and Effectively.
We offer a full range of financial assistance services to help you reach your goal.

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Institutional Trading

With the markets constantly changing, you need to be able to have a portfolio that is both flexible and manageable, and that you can be sure that your finances...

Equity Capital Markets

HKD Group has great access to a bespoke group of international advisory firms, that are able to show our clients many long and short term investment strategies.

Wealth Management

We know that there is never a single investment that is right for everyone, which is why we tailor make your portfolio based around you, your situation, and your goals.

Why You Can Trust HKD Group: Who We Are

Welcome to HKD Group, a leading full service international financial services provider headquartered in Hong Kong. Since the year of 2010 we have been providing our corporate and private clients with a plethora of financial services and advice both on the local and international markets.

Our goal as a company is to assist each of our clients in reaching their financial goals they have set through the combination of our experience in the markets and our in depth research and analysis of investment opportunities. Our team of financial experts share a wealth of experience in the financial industry and the investment sector, using this we are able to supply every client we work with, with in heavily researched recommendations that ultimately lead to the successful execution of the trade.

HKD Group are proud to be able to give our clients access to the most comprehensive range of financial services in Asia, that are all specifically tailored and chosen based on our their investment needs and aspirations. Since becoming an internationally focused company, we have built a bespoke network of financial service providers to create a more personal experience for our clients, utilizing our network we are working hard to become Asia's first choice when it comes to international investment advisory. When you become a client of HKD Group you will quickly realize that our primary focus when delivering our services is to provide you with the analysis and information you need, to generate the returns that will assist in reaching your goal. The difference when working with a HKD Group advisor, is that we will get to know you personally, what this means is that we will take our time to learn more about your economic situation and working life so that we are able to create and provide you with a portfolio that is designed specifically for you and your goals. Our main focus is, and always has been to put our clients needs first, we believe that working in this way enables us to provide a better service to our clients. HKD Group's advice is not commission focused, every opportunity we present to our clients, has been chosen for them specifically based on the information they have discussed with one of our brokers. Whatever your preference is in the markets, whether it is stocks, shares, ETF's, Forex trading, or the Crypto markets, HKD Group is dedicated to bringing you opportunities that will enhance your portfolio and meet your financial goals.